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Puppy Elijah Wolf Sable
Puppy Merle



Creating Companionship & Spreading Love

Adding a Pomeranian 'fur' baby to your family is a big decision, and we at Pompreme Palace, are here to help guide you in the process of finding the best match puppy for you, your family, and the puppy!

Pompreme Palace

Lakeport, CA 95453

Tele: 707.413.3172


My purpose is to improve and keep healthy the Pomeranian breed and help individuals and families find the companion dog they are looking for through the love and care of a Pompreme Palace Pomeranian.  I work with positive and effective strategies in caring for our dams, and studs, raising and empowering puppies to be the best they can be by incorporating the teachings of Badass Breeder advanced puppy curriculum and temperament testing, Gooddog, AKC classes in addition to my experience as animal caregiver and breeder. I am committed to continued education. I'm currently enrolled at Unity College for a Master's in Animal Science & Behavior. I joined the IAABC to become a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant as well as study dog training courses. Caring for my dogs, making companion matches and animal care is my passion and focus in life.


Women-owned small business breeder/ animal-caregiver of top-quality Pomeranians. I believe the environment in which puppies are raised make a difference. Our puppies receive the ultimate care and socialization being born and raised in the home, spoiled with a lot of handling, and hands-on training, and exposed to daily home routines. The puppies are better prepared for life with their forever family.

Pomeranians are bred for health, temperament, and exotic merle and wolf sable color with a focus on family companionship, intelligence, athleticism, training, and social skills with animals of all sizes and breeds as well as people. My dogs are whelped and raised in my personal home. I strive to provide our individual clients and families with wonderful, healthy, family companion dogs to find a match for the family's needs and wants. I am dedicated to the health, welfare, training, and happiness of our dogs. 

Throughout the journey of birth to 10-12 weeks, puppies will be recorded at various life stages, a puppy aptitude test will be given to each puppy individually, and puppy evaluation cards/reports will be made. Clients on the paid waitlist for a certain litter will be able to review video footage and report cards to better understand their puppies' development and help decide what puppy fits with their family. Visitation is welcome at 7 weeks by appointment only and again at 10-12 weeks on pick-up day.

The puppy will come with Breeder support for the lifetime of your puppy (you are a part of our family), a 2-year genetic health guarantee, microchipped, 30 days of pet insurance, and age-appropriate vaccines and deworming. 
Puppy contract and spay/neuter agreement required (unless spay/neuter otherwise discussed).
To adopt a puppy, go to "Puppies" in the menu, drop-down arrow, click on "Application", read the provided information, and fill out the application. Send the application to You will be notified once the application has been approved.

After the application has been approved, you can join our waitlist for $500. This fee is NONREFUNDABLE and goes towards the price of your puppy and is transferable to any litter. When you are offered a puppy, you can decide to either pick or pass.

When puppies reach between 10-12 weeks, they may be picked up or we provide delivery for an additional cost.

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