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What our PompremePalace families' are saying

"Leah was so fabulous! She responded to my questions quickly and was very professional and knowledgeable in regard to Pomeranians. She sent me puppy updates multiple times a week as well as made sure that the puppies were experiencing different things like noises, smells, and environments. The pickup process was smooth and it was so fun to meet all of her Pomeranians! You can tell they are all very loved!!! She even gave us a little care package with puppy food, toys, a cute puppy blanket, the vet records, puppy testing, and a tote bag! Leah really goes above and beyond for her pups! We already love our little Izzie (formerly Hailey) and are so thankful for Pompreme Palace!" 

- Natalie P.

Merle/wolf puppy

"I found Pompreme Palace through the AKC website knowing I wanted to find a breeder who was doing their best to preserve the health and integrity of the breed. I couldn't have been happier than working with Leah the owner of Pompreme Palace. She's responsive, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. It clearly shows that she cares about the dogs and homes they are going to. She asked just as many questions of me as i did of her and the dog we were interested in. We were fortunate to bring home an adult male Pomeranian, and he immediately fit right in with our family, which goes to show how well trained and cared for he was with Leah"

- Julia A.

chocolate pomeranian

“We recently decided to add a Pomeranian to our family and are so incredibly grateful that we came across Leah at Pompreme Palace. We have gone through breeders several times before, but have never met any breeder as thorough and as caring as Leah. She is extremely communicative and puts a lot of effort into testing her pups and making sure they are going to the right home. We were nervous about the long flight from California to NY, but she set us up with PetCommute transport and our happy little Zsa Zsa (previously Rebecca) arrived happy and healthy. Ultimately, it is obvious to see the great care and love that Leah shows her pups and that she truly takes pride in her breeding program. If you are looking for a beautiful pom with a wonderful temperament, you have come to the right place!”

- Jillian B.

blue merle

“Leah was a pleasure to work with during the process of bringing Marcel home with us. She was very informative about her breeding practices and philosophy when we initially talked and it was clear that she takes much care into making sure her puppies are going into homes that are compatible for both parties. She was welcoming when we visited her in person and we had a good time getting to know her and her dogs and seeing where they were growing up. Even after we took Marcel home, Leah made sure that we were all adjusting well and was very supportive and answered the many questions we had.

- John P.

wolf sable

"We just wanted to say what a great breeder Pompreme Palace is. Leah has been very informative and helpful throughout the entire process. She was always able to answer my questions and give advice. One of the best parts is how organized and detailed she is when your dog comes to you. We got a very helpful detailed folder with all of our dogs shots, records and information which was very helpful, especially when we took our puppy to the vet for the first time. Little things like that really help and make the difference between a good breeder and one that's not. We also loved the fact that we could see where the puppy was coming from and their surroundings. We called Pompreme Palace doggy Disneyland and knew our puppy was being well taken care of until she arrived home with us. Would definitely get another puppy from there again!”

- Michelle&Keith M.

black merle

"I came across Leah at Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch [& Pompreme Palace] in Lakeport, California. I inquired about a female puppy and received a very kind response quickly. We begin correspondence about the details of purchasing a puppy. We discussed the importance of the puppy's health, vaccinations, registration with AKC and price. Everything was discussed with professionalism and kindness. We were allowed to visit the puppy but due to her age and vaccination status we could not hold her. We fell in love immediately. Being able to see her was important for us before placing our deposit. Leah asked what her name was to get her familiar with it. We named her Coco Chanel. Our next visit was scheduled for when we could hold her. Leah took the time to explain the contract, AKC paperwork and vaccination records. Nothing was left unanswered. Leah sent us pictures of her growth while we waited to the day we could take her home. I treasure those pictures and videos. Finally, we went and picked her up. Coco is a sweet healthy puppy. You can tell she was well loved by her reactions to us and our home. She has brought so much happiness and love to our home. She is very smart and eager to please. I can not express how grateful I am to Leah for working with us to make Coco a part of our family. Everything went smoothly and I highly recommend Pompreme Palace for your next furry baby”

- Donna&Jack S..


"Leah was wonderful to work with. She was attentive, responsive, available, knowledgeable, and she mad us comfortable by providing insights into Miyamoto's personality and disposition. She was overall easy and a delight to work with. We really appreciated the opportunity to visit her and meet our pup beforehand. It was so clear to us that she really cared for and loved her dogs. We recommend Leah without hesitation."

_ Claire A.

wolf sable
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